Woodie lyrics that move you....

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May 26, 2007
What are your favorite one liners or few bars that still give you chills that were spoken by the legend Woodie?

some of mine?

"From ammunition decisions to chopping game with precision/ I've learned my inner visions, maintain my insane livin'"

even the next line....

"My achievements in the eyes of an average person might seem inadequate, aint that a bitch?"
Mar 12, 2008
Is being gang related a valid reason for overlooking a person's incredible penmanship?

Miss you Woodie, Rest In Peace....

That's what I tell people that want to dismiss him because "that's gangster music" I tell them to look beyond that and listen at how accurate his tounge is while telling stories with passion. With no filler bs to fill the track. Just straight first hand experience truth. Then I get the "well as long as it has a catchy beat and lyrics" get the fuck outa here with that.

But to answer your question I can't stop playing business as usal, what happened, learn somthing, summer breeze, bury me on east 18 st.

Those I keep replaying in disbelief that a man could paint such vivid pictures with words.

Wish he was still sharing his gift with us. Rest In Peace.
Jan 7, 2014
"I tell him hit my old e like an OG and I'm smokin till I choke
Cuz I know that old e will have him just as loked"

"I'd love to have a family- beautiful wife that understands me-
Many sons and a daughter but I'd a be father in the brink
Of sanity"

"I got a past behind me that won't stop rewinding-
When I die many angry angry souls will come to find me"

I could go all night with this post.. But this
Cardi in coke is makin me mistype now ha..~~ rip wood
Jan 9, 2012
How many homiez have you lost? How many lives have you took?
If I take a life then save a life will god overlook
'Cause I'm a giver and a taker, gangbangin' money maker
An anti-social might go postal dealin' with my anger
Type of guy, take a quick look at my life and you'll see why
And you'll realize that my thoughts of killin' people's justified
I'm surrounded by killaz with bottled feelin's refusin' to cry
The click I'm from half the homiez locked up for life or died
Northside, West Twomp, Antioch that's where it started at
Young and broke killaz puttin' -n- major work with five shot starter gats
Rifles were to hard to pack so cut the stock and barrel off
With shotguns tucked between our nuts, to disrespect we dared ya'll
Just some teeny boppers out on missions earnin' stripes
Mommaz cryin' 'cause their babies comin' home from gunfights
We picked one hell of a life to lead, it seems like we fight to bleed
But deep down there's a struggle don't give up and we might succeed
Jan 9, 2012
For my... click to succeed how many soldiers must bleed?
We just wanna live comfortable spread our seed and carry on our breed
Each of us need... an old school indeed
Candy paint, drop-top, gold thangs call it greed
So it be, we also want a Benz 500 se laced with chrome
S.u.v for the family, 7 bedroom 4 bath home
Floors made out of marble stone, swimmin' pool with a waterfall
Record company checks pay the bills nobody's gotta ball
Plus we'll take a dime from every dollar that we make so
We can pack and stack up more artillery than waco
Ain't no fits like the ones we got
I'm talkin' dickies and cortez in colors they don't stock
And every homie got a pit bull, refrigerator packed full
Plus a bar with every liquor imaginable
Snoop would be out of the hole back with his folkz livin' the finer ways
With hand painted portraits of dead homiez above the fire place
We won't let money change us but still beware of strangers
Remainin' soldiers, streets have showed us jealous men are dangerous
Right now a 4 car garage is just a mirage
But just the thought of such a life keeps me strugglin' for the cause
Jan 7, 2014
Woodie strait up the best rapper in my opinion. Cuz it wasn't just rap.. The homie would spit and I felt like I was chillin with him.. Type of lyrics where u can just kick it by yourself and meditate. Never be another. I could quote him all night~~

"Y'all just got broke off a piece of a nortenos fairy tale "
"I crack an old E to release and keep my mind in one piece"
"What you know about me? You've never been around me- we never kicked back
Twisted up a sack and cracked an old E"
" I told em your bitch got more nuts than you"
"To appease my soul while the demon grows.. God if your true release it's hold!!"