Will you be attending the Homo Hop Festival This Year? LMMFAO

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Jun 5, 2004
Joe DiMaggio said:
What are you talking about? The only thing logistically seperating a gay dude from a straight dude is that he fucks other dudes. When a man introduces himself as gay, if nothing else he's announcing that he fucks dudes. What am I supposed to think about when somebody tells me he fucked another man? Barbecue?
Homie ive never heard of a gay dude introducing himself and the first thing he says is: "hi im jon, i've fucked another man before". So u must have asked about it.
Jul 7, 2005
i know gay people, and imcoo wit them and shit... but real talk... that's all bad, and ANY gay person in ANY type of music will not be accepted by me or anybody i chill with, not because im homophobic(whatever the fuck that means, cuz ALL of my homies would woop a fags ass...haha) but because no matter what they do or how they say it, they're gay...haha, anywayz...im done typin about this dumb shit...i didnt even finish my arguments or thoughts but i aint feelin this topic...haha
Jun 10, 2005
Man i wish i read this thread earlier than just now this would be easier for me then.

Just one question why hate?

FREAKS said:
now, i gotta question. if dude u were replying to has to keep his HOMOPHOBIC THOUGHTS to himself, why dont fags do the same shit?

kinda hypocritical, dont ya think?
What so your saying "fags" should just stay in the closet? Everybody acts like gay ppl are constantly just invading their privacy by them announcing they are gay and being proud of it. How is letting them live their life w/o someone saying it is wrong a bad thing? Its not like they are raping someone or having sex w/ little boys.

Joe DiMaggio said:
When a man introduces himself as gay, if nothing else he's announcing that he fucks dudes. What am I supposed to think about when somebody tells me he fucked another man? Barbecue?
Ohhhh a person's sexuality determines everything about them. I'm straight and yeah it tells you I like to have sex w/ girls. but it doesn't tell you anything else about what type of person I am or my history. So what if a guy admits he gay. So what if he likes to have sex w/ guys how does that effect you? If you can't see past his sexuality and see what type of person he is then you are close minded. and having a closed mind only closes opertunities. You could have a lot in common w/ the guy leading to a * gasp* should I say it.....a friendship? But thats stupid b/c the only thing that matters is that he chooses to take it in the ass, right?

Joe DiMaggio said:
Hip hop is a special music to me and I don't like seeing it ruined.
Ok I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Hip hop is going to change. It has too, or it will die like disco did. Rock is sill around becauses it changes over time reaching new crowds and still connecting w/ older crowds. Does that mean you're going to hate all changes to rap just b/c it's not gangsta or what it is now?

Why does a person's choice have so much to do w/ the music? R kelly pisses on 13 yr old girls but I still think he is talented. Micheal Jackson has a place called neverland ranch where he invites 12 yr old boys over to play but I still love to listen to thriller. If i can't feel or relate to the music I don't care if a greased up midgit who goes home and shoves beer bottles up his ass is singing it.

3xLaZY said:
i agree that persuing a career in rap would make their lives harder, i dunno why they'd do it.
B/c barrier's don't break themselves. For something to change and to become accepted someone has to have the balls to stand up to the old norm of living. Imagine what it'd be like if blacks didn't march on montgomery b/c they were to afraid or it was too hard.

Rob S4 said:
Cats are to quick to accept fags. Didnt God say it is a sin for a man to lay with another man? Case closed
And if i don't believe in your god? then what?
I think the biggest thing is that ppl are passing judgement on whether or not they will like the music without even listening to a song from them. You shouldn't ever count something out w/o attempting to listen to it first. Thats just ignorent.

I don't think that this convention will break any barriers for homosexual or that it will be successful because they are gathered soley on the purpose of being gay. If all they rap about is being gay are they hardships of being gay then no they won't be successful b/c thats not all their life is.

Its like Carlos mencia said it's pointless to hate against someone based on their race or beliefs because they will just end up involed in your lives at some point. If you hate mexicans your daughters gaing to marry a beaner. I think its the same situation. Its just a matter of time before someone huge in the rap industry turns out to be gay.