where is BOOKIE? (formerly of Fo Life records. AZ)

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Jan 6, 2006
not sure where to post this thread since theres no south-west threads and this is the closest to it. hey there southwest and AZ hiphop heads, are there any new info on BOOKIE?? i remember him dropping the classic and now rare "STRESSIN" on FO LIFE records album back in 99. dude should've blown up back then imo. what happened to the label? all i know is that they dropped Vontels "vision of a dream" & "stressin." i know hes now signed to Bassman Ent and is working on his next solo album "Da UnderDogg." his myspace pg has snippets of 2 tracks for sale and they sound good. im looking for more music on Bookie, all i have is "stressin"(which i still blast to this day) and Survivalist "Retribution" does he have any other cds out??
heres his myspace pg:

heres youtube clip of him workin on a track for his new album and it sure sounds dope: