What were the Angels thinking LOL!

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Mar 22, 2007
LONDON (AFP) - Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger escaped a murder attempt by the Hells Angels in 1969, a former FBI agent told the BBC in a radio documentary set to be broadcast next week, according to quotes published on the BBC's website Tuesday.

Mark Young told the broadcaster that the assassination attempt was triggered by a dispute between the gang, who were providing security at a Rolling Stones concert where a teenage fan was stabbed, and Jagger.

The Hells Angels were fired following the youth's death.

"They were going to kill him in retribution for his firing their security forces," former FBI agent Young told "The FBI at 100" documentary series on BBC Radio, set to be broadcast March 11.

"Their plan involved making entry onto his Long Island property (in New York state), going by boat.

"As they gathered the weaponry and their forces to go out on Long Island Sound, a storm rolled up, which nearly sank the watercraft that they were in, and they escaped with their own lives.

"They never went back and reinstituted the plan."

The BBC said that Jagger's spokesman declined to comment on the report, and added that it was unclear whether the singer was aware of the incident