What up DE!

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Jul 7, 2008
What up Buk! Im glad youre out! Keep it the hustle
You know the hustle NEVER stops for me out here homie! You need to bring your ass back to Louisville soon and fuck with me. I just dropped a brand new album that came out digitally everywhere on Tuesday and I'm in the process right now of getting a pretty damn good distribution deal for the hard copies. I've already started back recording on a new album that I'm dropping by the end of this year. I'm sure you know who Michael "Seven" Summers is, he produces a lot of shit for Tech N9ne and Lynch, he produced half the tracks on the album I just dropped and he produced every track on the new one I'm working on. Holla at me though homie.

@ cousin coolout, what up man! Did you used to go by a different name on here? I used to be on this site a hella lot when the original Siccness started - looks like I need to come around a lot more these days, it's deffly jumping over here. Ya'll be good homies!

Feb 19, 2006
What's up Bukshot! You an D.E. made some sicc ass music together, I was just bumpin the house right now and damn homie that shit is a straight classic

Glad to hear you back, and bout to be makin some new music

Stay up homie