What sport do you think is the hardest?

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Sicc OG
Jul 2, 2002
I think gymnastics is the hardest sport...You have to train like a dog and it takes crazy strenght. That palmel horse (sp) is no joke.....
May 9, 2002
Are we talking real sports (football, futbol, bball, etc...)? Or olympic sports (ping pong, hand ball, etc...)?

Ive heard water polo is pretty fuckin hard. Hockey is taxing from what those who play have told me. Also, crew is crazy when it comes to focus and endurance.
Jul 15, 2002
Horse racing.
Jockey's average of 5.6 fatalities in the United States per year & average of 2 fatalities in the Australia per year. Plus all the injures they sustain. Also some tracks average 25 horse fatalities per season. Which other sports have fatalities as much as horse racing?
May 6, 2002
Out of the major sports, baseball.

Football - I can probably run the ball for a yard or a couple at most, before getting crushed. Still, as long as I have a solid line and a good play I can rush the ball.

Basketball - I can make a basket. I wouldn't make a lot of them, but I can throw it up and am capable of making a basket. I know I'm not dribble king and would pass a lot, but if someone gave me the ball I can make a shot real quick.

Boxing - As long as it's in my weight class anyone has a punchers chance. Given I couldn't go more than 3 rounds and would just collapse from exhaustion (if I made it that far) I still have the chance of landing a shot.

Hockey - The puck is in front of me. I'd take slot shots all day and eventually I would make a goal. Same with soccer.

Baseball - No chance in hell. It's different when a 97mph fast ball or 85mpg screw ball is coming at you. I wouldn't even be able to make contact. Even if I did, more than likely it would just be an easy out. You think you even have a 25% chance of getting a single. Well, you might as well go to a triple A farm team and wait to be called up to the majors on an injury because you are batting .250 which really isn't all bad.

All the other major sports I at least can have an impact. Rush 2 yards for a TD or for a 1st down before getting pummeled. Make a basket or a couple free throws. Land some good punches. Baseball the average person would just look like a clueless idiot.


panty vandalizer
Aug 7, 2011
...hockey is harder than baseball. water polo may be harder than both. You can be a major leaguer and be completely out of shape. cant do that in hockey, and you cant do that in water polo unless youre a woman.

Yeah its hard to hit a 90+ pitch of any kind, but after you see 10 pitches off of one dude, your gonna be able to make contact. You might not get on base, but you should be able to put bat on ball, unless you have no coordination
Apr 20, 2005
rugby is the hardest. its football without pads. its stupid dangerous. concusions, testicular injuries, dislocated limbs. i guarantee that any starter will have atleast 5 bruises and a cut by halftime