What do you think of the new e-40 single?

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
dosent matter how i feel about the song because its aimed at people with vaginas

same old lets follow HBK's throw parties not fists campaign ass shit
nothin new

40 should take a chance and drop a serioushealtfelt song hes always known for one on the album and you can alays turn up on the single right after that weeks later the way ppl play w they singles nowadays, fools will have 70 percent of they album on video or single

an he gotta chill on the stupid ll punchline sometimes and come a little more iller than that.

'the way she killin that monkey that shit gon have the ebola, ooOooOooh" like come on bro a little more thinking on the line? just a lil bit?
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Apr 25, 2002
it is what it is

Just like any other T Pain song. I'm not disappointed in 40 cause he's dropped enough good music to last me two life times. It's just that music is so generic now and I get tired of hearing the same ol thing over and over and over and...


No Flexxin No Fakin
Apr 1, 2003
I wana produce sum ole school mobb for 40.
He still does a few mobb tracks every album. I need to prouce some of those
It'd be super nice if you produced a whole album for him. I'm tired of the .5¢ gumball beats as of late.

Whack beats will make ya favorite rapper not ya favorite rapper.