What do you live your life for?

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May 16, 2002
I was jus thinkin about this for awhile. A few weeks ago I got into a convo with my roomate. He kept tellin me that I didn't live in the "real world" because I kept sayin that money shouldn't control my life. I asked him what did he want to be when he was a kid. And he told me a professional golf instructor. I asked him why he wanted to do this and he said, "because I can sit around all day and teach old people how to golf and make lots of money." I asked him what did he plan to do with his life now and he said, "I'm gonna finish college and go work for a bank because my dad knows people and he can hook me up with a job."

Now my roomate isn't a bad guy. I know this because I can tell by the way he deals with different situations, that ultimately he's got good intentions. He always tries to help people out, he'll apologize for stuff he does after he's had a chance to calm down and think about it, and he's got teachin blood in his veins.

The only problem is to me it seems like he was taught wrong, not that he learned wrong. All these talents that he has will be wasted on tryin to make lots of money. So in the end he will never truly learn anything other than how to to this. So has he really "learned" anything at all?

That shit be gettin me mad and depressed because I come to find that most of the people I've run into in my life have this same problem. And everytime I try to teach somebody that there is a better way to do things I'm just considered "ignorant" and told that that's not how the "real world" be workin. Fuck your "real world" it's a shitty place where ain't nobody happy NOBODY. And don't confuse happiness with "hmm, I got less stress then the next man. That must mean that I've got more happiness." If the less stress you've been able to obtain came at the cost of puttin more stress on your neighbor then you ain't shit in my eyes,but the root of oppression. Feel me? Only a few.

You'd do anything to keep your family happy right? And they'd do anythin for you. And if you hate your family,well then let me put it this way, you'd do anything for the people you love and they'd do anything for you. You wanna know why that happens? Cuz that IS Love yall.

Why don't the world be workin this way?

Cuz there be people out there who don't believe in this concept which is called Love. There be people out there that no matter how much you talk to them they ain't gonna understand this. Not because they can't,but because they don't want too. It's called selfishness. The only selfishness that exists is the one you feel for your wife or your husband. And that ain't even bein selfish. It's called your other half,without which you are only half a person.

What do I live my life for? Love. Why am I havin trouble? True evil, which is oppression. What do I live my life for now? War. Why? Because I have no other options. In order for the Love to be free it has to seperate itself from the evil and the oppression which evil brings, and it has to remember how to fight, or it will never be free. Damn the people that have enslaved us. I'll kill all you mothafuckas. I can't lose.

Find each other. Come together. And prepare yourselves for battle.


"Until we are free. Fight." -Us