West Coast Bad Boyz Anotha Level Of Tha Game

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Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
I have 2 of the West Coast Bad Boyz anotha Level of the game cds, one is in mint and the other is in really good condition....i am looking to trade or sell them, i will take $35 for one of them or looking to trade. some of my wants are

Black Dynasty "Deep East oakland"
Al Kapone "Da Resurrection"
Hellborn "Hellborn"
Insane "Camp 4 Life"
Tha Cellmates "Big Ballin"

or anything else that might be of value, the cds listed above I need for personal reasons, I didnt dub them before I sold them, I also have these for sale:

Daze "Game So Tight"
Guillotine "Midevial Madness"
Humiside Soldiers "4 Death" Oak Cliff Asssassin Related RARE
MC Ade "In The Arms Of Bass"
Taylor Boyz :28 Gramz
CKC "The Famly"
Who Wride
The Veteran Click "Veterans Day"

I have access to alot of other cds as most of you know so if you want anything let me know, I havent been selling alot lately but still have the same connections I used to have and can get about anything in a reasonable time wether it be local or nation wide it usually aint nothin but a call away, dont let these NEW ebay sellers fool you, I still can out due them in a drop of a dime, fuck wit the best and holla at me, I know the niggaz that drop shit and these fuck niggaz on ebay are perpertrators!!!! get with the real...if you need references holla at me or ask ya boy