Wenatchee Rap Scene - Top 15 Rappers [youtube]

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Jul 3, 2009
Tacoma, WA
Wenatchee Rap Scene - Top 15 Rappers - Eastern Washington 509 - Fogey - Tell No Lies - Blu Noze aka Petey Da Pitbull [M.D.K./Cirkulo Asesino] - Esta es pa los Haterz - Ego Locz ft. Meeks x Lil J - Need No One - Ghetto box productions - Rollin through Wenatchee - Ben Davis - Freestyle - Edge ft. Illest Uminati - Go Luni or Go Home - Youngins In The Game - Cashtro Goon Freestyle - B Tha Drivah - Check It Doh - G-U - Real Spit - Big P - Treat Me Right - Elevation 420 ft. Notes of Dividenz & Neema - 509 To Da 206 - Sir Jay - ViralHustle TV "Interview" - sWAggy long legs - Am I a Psycho? - Madawg ft. Ego Locz - Lay Your Body - Loboz - Criminal Life
Nov 17, 2009
All i got to say is I went to ez burgers in Wenatchee lastnight and I wish they would open up one of those joints over here on the westside, burgers are crackin. I dont think Wenatchee has ever had a rapper to represent them.
Props: Premo
Dec 4, 2006
there are rappers in every town in every state now basically, just all depends on if they have been heard or not... sum make good music, sum don't... plenty of big artists have been found in odd places... i enjoy hearing music from all over the state of Washington, as long as its good... i will have to give these a listen just to see if i cant find sum underground gold sumwhere