We need your help with this upcoming C-MOB record

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Jul 7, 2002
As many of you know we will be distributing this project through Best Buy stores around the nation. We are not planning on placing the CD in a market unless we feel the copies will move...so in light of that C-MOB and I are trying to reach out and see where his fans are.

So if any of you guys are into his shit and would consider picking it up let me know where you are at so we can make sure we get placement in that market.

We are also looking for people to help promote the project on a street level. We are looking for serious people that can get out and spread the word...cats that are willing to get samplers, flyers, posters, etc.. out there. If you can produce results there will be money involved. If you are interested PM me and I'll get you my number.

Thanks again for all the support you've shown in the past. With your help this project will be huge.



Oct 12, 2004
You know I'm down. I actually talked to a few of the other posters here that are in my area as well who would also be down to help. I know Chris and I go to a lot of the shows and shit so we could def. do the job. Too bad I couldn't get it by this weekend... Lil' Wyte is in town and doing a show w/ my boys at that venue I wanted to book you guys at and then Lil' Wyte is doin' a solo CD Release show at the Myth too the day after... oh well though, what ya gonna do?

But yes, I'm down to help in anyway I can... just let me know...

I'm so excited for this album to drop, I can't wait.
Jul 30, 2009
I am from China and have listened his two albums all the times, his awesum spittin' rap makes me crazy. I am certain the fan of him and waittin' 4 his nu album with great zeal!He will be best