Vellqwan discography

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Nov 1, 2004
Hey everyone, how yall doing?

I'm a big fan of Vellqwan/Vell/Vellquan outta West Oakland and I was wondering how many albums he has dropped. They are very hard to find and this is really a shame because he is an outstanding rapper. His lyrics are on top, his songs have a message, his beats are tight, he has been in the game for twenty years now.

The following are his solo projects as far as I know.
Released on Arraignment Entertainment

17 Rounds (1998)

This a really good album which I like very much. Almost every song has a message! The style is completely different than almost everything that came out the Bay at that time. Classic album!

Rebellious (2004)
Now this is a hardcore album with gloomy atmosphere, Vellqwan raps differently, he is mad at the world, his voice is full of anger and you can feel his pain, his lyrics are on point as always! The beats are tight. Must have!

Gemini (2005)
Another dark album, its even harder than Rebellious. Vellqwan is in a rage and really doesnt give a fuck about nothing! Especially the song "Scream it like you mean it" is a banger. This album is hard to get.

Vell-o-city (????)
This album was released under the name Vell. There is a review of this album on BayUnderground. Seems to be a good album but I can't find it anywhere.

Debra Mattie Son (????)
There is absolutely no information about this one on the internet except the cover scans and the track list on Rap Music Guide.

Released on LiveWire

Stranded On The Wire (2016)
Released under the name Vellione. This is a good album produced by the Mekanix. Vellqwan has changed his style, he stopped screaming and his beats are more moderate.

Pain & Ambition (2018)
After twenty years in the game Vellqwan still has stories to tell. Still has a message in his songs. The production is pretty decent. A very good album.

These are his solo albums as far as I know. There are a couple of his older songs on YouTube which I havent seen on any of these albums. Seems like there is one more album which is called Straight Outta Oakland.

There is a video to the song "I'm original" which is a banger.

I heard there is another project called Replacement Killaz. He has also a bunch of feature songs but I wont list them here.
Is there anyone who have heard those rare albums like Debra Mattie Son or Vell-o-city? Any ideas where I can find them?


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May 31, 2006
dude is so dope and underrated.. those albums Vel-O-City and Debra Mattie Son are ultra. i think i heard theres even 2 versions of those?? He also presented a group album called ATF (Above The Feds) but not sure if he was on that album. lookin forward to his next one. the Replacement Killas never had an album but were on each others albums (PSD, J-Stalin, Richie Rich, and Justice from City Side Crew??) i dont follow many rappers on IG but he is one of the few. he seems humble, maybe u can ask him about that Straight Outta Oakland album, he even had another draft album called Home Of The Brave i think.. maybe theyre the same one tho
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Mar 11, 2013
i think he didnt press the last one cause "stranded on the wire" didnt sell well...I thought everyboody gonna be talkin about "the come back of the one of the greatest rappers in the bay" but the album passed realy unseen....its a fuckin shame...