Various Tech Songs

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Apr 7, 2004
I been bumpin tech a lot and im starting to fiend for some more tech n9ne to add to my collection ever since i went to his show last year. So I was wondering if anyone could hook it up with some tech songs that arent on his albums. i was lookin at the Discography thread and the tech lyrics thread and i see A LOT of songs on there that i never heard of or known about. i got calm b4 the storm/ anghellic/absolute power/everready albums so i dont need any tracks off any of them but any feature songs or hard to find songs or anything else would be great. especially if anyone has that tech and pac song that was unreleased. thanks in advance and any songs up'd Would be greatly appreciated.
Aug 16, 2003
I can give you the names of some tight Tech songs but other then that you'll have to go looking for them.

Let me know and I'll post a list of song names....