Vape Catridges.

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Hood Rat Matt

aka Goodfella (since '02)
Oct 19, 2009
East Oakland (Hills)
I met up with a vendor tonight "true farms" soil to oil carts if anyone needs let me know they got flavors and legitment processing and packaging. Also got pens and carts for a good price tap in folks.

If you need exotics hit my IG @ southbaytrees and mention you're from the sicc I'll work with you and I got super feugo no pretendo.

Zkittlez hybrids, forbidden fruit in nitrogen sealed cans, live resin terp sauce, gas station forbidden fruit shatter. All exotic grown indoor by veteran growers str8 from the farm. Also have some top shelf true og for a good donation not hitting people over the head.
Oh shit that's you?? Right on man you got hella shit I'll be hitting you up