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Jun 21, 2004
"Seasonz greetingz, muh fuccas! Hope e'rybody feelin lovely right now! Why not? X-Mas round the corner, New Year approachin... time to plan and plot for 2005. That'z exactly what ya boy been doin.

My wife tells me y'all got questionz. Answerz are hard to come up wit but I'll give it a try...

When's the new material comin out? We workin on that RIGHT NOW. Lots of things poppin simultaneously. We got the new company being incorporated right now, to drop new shit under for the new year. It's me, wifey, and my nigga Loki. 100% new everything, corporate style. Y'all know Loki... Siccmade soldier for many years and still loyal. We doin thangs together, tryin to make some power moves in 2005. Loki will be handlin production coordination for the new album. We're gettin him everything he needs RIGHT NOW, so that's definitely comin. We HAVE the vocals so it's just a matter of gettin 'em in the right format and movin em where they need to be. Simple stuff. We also got Legendary Traxter doin production on the new album, up to five tracks, thanks to my dude Soren Baker. He plugged me lovely and Traxter came thru. We'll TRY to have all of this done in the first quarter but ain't no tellin. The only definite right now is that the new label's comin, a new X album is comin, and we got Traxter makin a few bangers for us and Loki ridin shotgun. Fa sho, no doubts, these things are HAPPENING.

I'm choppn it wit Big No Love right now, tryin to do something with the Death Threatz project. No definite on that yet, but it SEEMS like we'll be droppin that together. The paperwork is in his hands so once we get a signature, it's on.

Will T-Nutty be doing anything with me? I don't see why NOT, but I don't know yet. I'll never be OPPOSED to that ... these niggaz are from 24 Blocc!! This ain't just music!!! But I'll be choppin it wit Nutty in the next couple days. Was supposed to holla this morning but I had to handle some business and ran out of time. E'rything's lookin good for whatever to crack cuz we are actually in touch with each other. We'll see how it goes from here.

What are my comments regarding Mac Dre's death? Honestly, it's fucked up ANYTIME a nigga loses his life over some meaningless shit, Mac Dre or whoever. Ain't nothin jump off out there that was worthy of KILLIN the nigga. It's one thing to torch a nigga for a REASON, it's another to just be hatin. That's what I think is fucked up. I didn't know Dre very well, but I met him and we had a chance to holla a few times. He actually sent me a letter or two, lacing me on recording vocals over the phone for Xorcist. I don't know about overall, what type of cat he was or whatever, but he came at me properly and he laced my boots wit game (and I made money off that game). I was a young nigga, like 19 or 20, and Dre was 25 or 26. So that's what I remember about the dude; he gave me game he didn't have to give me and I benefitted from that game. Whatever that tells you about his character, soak it up. To me, he was a real nigga.

Who will I be working with in the future? Heaven only knows what the future holds, so I can't say. Right now we got Traxter on beats, Loki will be spittin verses on the new album, and so will No Love. Luni Coleone's comin thru for me, as usual, and I have a few verses with Dott Dogg left in the catalog. The way I'm doin this project, we'll lay all my vocals to the tracks then start bringing niggaz in to fill in the holes. One step at a time. Right NOW we're more concerned with PICKING the songs I'll be using and laying my vocals. Once that's done, we'll go to the next stage.

Other than that, I'm still working on my autobiography. Been driving my closest friends and loved ones CRAZY, but I'm just tryina get it DONE! Billy Jam, a friend of over a decade, has prepared the necessary materials and sent them to an agent. We're waiting for a response so we'll know what the publishers are offering. This book has been the biggest thing I have poppin. I'm enjoying myself with the actual writing but the WAITIN is killin me! S'all good tho. All things in due time. Anyway, I hope everybody has a nice X-Mas and New Yearz. One love!

The Nefarious X-Raided Loc
December 1, 2004


Sicc OG
Jun 24, 2003
alot of questions got answerd. Things lookin like they bout ta cracc in 2005. Much props ta X-raided and callmeontheunda for hookin tha info up.
Jun 21, 2004
I'm like, "They driving me crazy w/questions, holla at em..." lol... j/k.

Anyway, honestly, we could be a lot further along right now regarding the music if we weren't waiting on certain fuckin people (person) who I won't mention, but it's happenin now and it's all good. You see the date tho? It takes a minute to get actual mail, so the new questions will come next time. We'll try to keep y'all laced...

And he's right, you all betta be enjoying the holidays!
Apr 26, 2002
That's some major work with some major talent in the works: Loki and Traxter collabin' wit X! ...Nuff said. Good look on the info CallMe, glad to hear things are still progressin with Mr. X-Loc