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May 16, 2002

Gon' speak, but tell me wha you don't see/
Hopefully they don't creep, on me the devils that I don't see/
Me in a lonely dream, where it's only me/
Scream with thy holy speech, to yourself/
Get up out this cell, gotta help myself-/
Ish scheme, everybody bleeds, dog eat dog/
If I can't trust you all wth my life, then why we fightin for/
Money in the heartz of my arch born rivals, and in the smiles/
Of a mouth defiled who try and teach my child/
To stab me in the back, Damn I gave him all I had/
Now the whole clan, bound to crash, just from one bad/
Mouth, whisperin liez, sly be the selfish mind/
But ain't no fuckn puppets on this side, for everyone I'd die/
Untouchable, uncorruptable/
I only got patience for my girl, mothafuck these hoes/
Who tryin to steal my soul, is not for sale/
It's freely shared in Heaven, when we die, I'll see you there/
But while we're still hear in the real world, Yeah I'm still sure/
You wanna learn how to fight, you gotta feel first.../

-Ender Furious