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May 16, 2002
What's up people of the Siccness! Merry mothafuckin Christmas! Ender just got back from Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I'm on my Christmas Exodus leave right now for two weeks. Remember how I told yall I was joinin the Army a couple months ago well it happened. And let me tell yall that shit ain't nothin like I thought it was gonna be like. It's mothafuckin hard, not so much physically as it is mentally. I ain't used to gettin yelled at and gettin treated like I'm a piece of worthless dogshit like that. Ender been thru some shit these past three months and I'm only halfway done. FUCK I MISS THE MOTHAFUCKIN BAY! It's damn good to be home! Kentucky weather sucks straight ass man. It's like 28 degrees outside and they got me rollin around in the wetass mud. I got hella stories but I'm short on time right now bein that it's Christmas Eve and all. I'll probably be back in a couple of days. Just wanted to drop a line to the folks at the Siccness and wish yall a Merry Christmas and let yall know they still ain't broke me yet...