U.S. Army hiring for Concentration camp guards

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Sicc OG
Aug 8, 2007
Now In case you havent heard the term "FEMA camps"... take a minute to do so on youtube, yahoo, whatever. Notice how long it's been in effect & then read this. This is no longer "theory"... PEOPLE NEEDA KNOW. post this shit wherever.


or if you want the actual ad,


Regardless how ignorant others are, there are still many who appreciate the info.

I did find it hilarious about the job listing some of the duties;
"Provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program"

That shit cracks me up! Yeah, the Army has tons of experience at providing counseling to detainees. All we have to do is look at Gitmo and see how much help we provided them. What a fuckin joke!!


Sicc OG
Aug 8, 2007
This is a piece of information for some of those who doubt the criminal aspects of what the government is doing. If you don`t think any of this could happen to you, or pertain to you, read this.

Straight from the Department of Homeland Security: The 2009 Domestic Extremism

This document is how our government defines 'terrorists' in this country. Some of you may be shocked to see that you fit some of their definitions.

Some Examples Include;

(U) aboveground (U//FOUO) A term used to describe extremist groups or
individuals who operate overtly and portray themselves as

^^^^ a catch all generalization. many even speaking in this thread could possibly land under this definition.

(U) alternative media (U//FOUO) A term used to describe various information
sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and
issues that differ radically from those presented in mass
media products and outlets.

^^^^ Um, what happened to the very 1st amendment of free speech and freedom of the press?

(U) anti-immigration extremism
(U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals who are
vehemently opposed to illegal immigration, particularly along
the U.S. southwest border with Mexico, and who have been
known to advocate or engage in criminal activity and plot acts
of violence and terrorism to advance their extremist goals.
They are highly critical of the U.S. Government’s response to
illegal immigration and oppose government programs that are
designed to extend “rights” to illegal aliens, such as issuing
driver’s licenses or national identification cards and providing
in-state tuition, medical benefits, or public education.

^^^^ This has been a heated debate the past few elections. Depending on your views, you fall under this category.

(U) Aryan prison gangs
(U//FOUO) Individuals who form organized groups while in
prison and advocate white supremacist views.
Group members may continue to operate under the auspices
of the prison gang upon their release from correctional

^^^^ so dont go to the pen and run with the whites if you`re white and see how that works for you. pen politics will put you in this section.

(U) black bloc
(U//FOUO) An organized collection of violent anarchists and
anarchist affinity groups that band together for illegal acts of
civil disturbance and use tactics that destroy property or strain
law enforcement resources. Black blocs operate in
autonomous cells that infiltrate nonviolent protests, often
without the knowledge of the organizers of the event.

^^^^ If anyone takes part of any rally that turns violent and destructive, such as the protests in Oakland after the BART shooting, this is your section.

(U) black power (U//FOUO) A term used by black separatists to describe their
pride in and the perceived superiority of the black race.

^^^^ So your proud to be black? Please take your seat in this section 'terrorist'.

(U) Christian Identity
(U//FOUO) A racist religious philosophy that maintains non-Jewish whites are “God’s Chosen People” and the true descendants of the Lost Twelve Tribes of Israel. Groups or individuals can be followers of either the Covenant
or Dual Seedline doctrine; all believe that Jews are conspiring
with Satan to control world affairs and that the world is on the
verge of the Biblical apocalypse. Dual Seedline adherents
believe Jews are the literal offspring of Satan and that nonwhites,
who are often referred to as “mud people,” are not human beings.

^^^^ This one has a few different points, so don`t think it has to include an all-in-one attitude. If anyone believes in the bible and believes that we are in the "last days" of the book of revelation, be sure not to tell anyone, or now you become a terrorist as well.

(U) Cuban independence extremism
(U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals who do
not recognize the legitimacy of the Communist Cuban
Government and who attempt to subvert it through acts of
violence, mainly within the United States.

^^^^ How ironic they put this in here, especially after the "Northwoods Document" in the `60`s, trying to wage war with Cuba.

(U) direct action (U//FOUO) Lawful or unlawful acts of civil disobedience
ranging from protests to property destruction or acts of
violence. This term is most often used by single-issue or
anarchist extremists to describe their activities.

^^^^ Again, anyone who protests, this is your ticket to the FEMA sponsored internment camps. (I think you should pack light for this trip)

(U) leftwing extremism
(U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals that
embraces anticapitalist, Communist, or Socialist doctrines
and seeks to bring about change through violent revolution
rather than through established political processes. The term
also refers to leftwing, single-issue extremist movements that
are dedicated to causes such as environmentalism, opposition
to war, and the rights of animals.

^^^^ there are some on these boards who fall here.

(U) Mexican separatism
(U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals of
Mexican descent who advocate the secession of southwestern
U.S. states (all or part of Arizona, California, New Mexico,
and Texas) to join with Mexico through armed struggle.
Members do not recognize the legitimacy of these U.S. states,
including the U.S. Government’s original acquisition of these

(U) patriot movement
(U//FOUO) A term used by rightwing extremists to link their
beliefs to those commonly associated with the American
Revolution. The patriot movement primarily comprises
violent antigovernment groups such as militias and sovereign
(also: Christian patriots, patriot group, Constitutionalists, Constitutionist)

^^^^ This doesn`t mean for only "right wing" individuals, please believe. If you believe in the Constitution of the United States, this is where you become a terrorist my friends. How funny is it that they term this definition after instituting the "Patriot Act", which violates many Constitutional rights.

If these don`t start to open your eyes, nothing will. All you have to do is back up from what you see in the magnifying glass to try to get the bigger picture.


Sicc OG
Aug 8, 2007
^^^do you not know what a Lexicon is? None of those groups are illegal to be a member of per se.
Where did you get the idea that either the document or myself was implying being a member to any of these groups were illegal?

If that`s what you thought, my apologies for not being more clear. For those who don`t think there is anything wrong with concentration camps in our country, you better start looking a little harder at who our government is actually defining as possible terror suspects.

This document is straight from the Dept. of Homeland Security. For many, if not most of us on the Siccness, we fall under sections they have outlined as potential terrorists. All you have to do is take the time to read the document.
Apr 25, 2002
Obviously, I don't give a FUCK about labels. And people who label themselves, are missing the fucking point. But it's whatev.
The point is that after years of posting on this site and being corrected for it you still don't know the difference between left and right. If you're being labled anything it is fucking stupid.

Yes, Wikipedia is the source of all sources for accurate information.
What a cop out. Do you want to dispute what I posted or not? Were you wrong or not?

Btw, you forgetting a got a BA in Broadcast Journalism and minors in Advertising and Sociology.
So what is your excuse for being so dumb? Was your school so pathetic to award you a degree? Did you never in your life take poli sci 101, a civics class in high school, a social studies class in middle school? Do you never watch the news? Is your head permanently stuck in the sand?
Apr 25, 2002
do you post on any other boards? maybe...ones where you expect to find highly informed people and not a GANGSTA RAP forum?

i'm not even saying you're wrong but seriously you're a true fucking prick in just about every exchange on this website and very rarely HELPFUL, even with all of that collegiate info stuffed under your buzz cut.
You can take that cry baby defend the mentally retarded shit up with someone else. He should know better and needs to be called out for being an idiot like every other time he's fucked this up in the past until he learns.

Btw, you forgetting a got a BA in Broadcast Journalism and minors in Advertising and Sociology.


Some Random Asshole
Apr 25, 2002
I bet working in a concentration camp would be a good paying job.
i bet the germans thought that too.

@coldblooded...dude you're a joke. i don't care what you have to fuckin say. i do'nt want to have to be uber fucking analytical to get you to understand shit. gimme a break dude. i'm not going to explain every last fuckin detail of my political ideology to you so that you think i know what i'm talking about.

i do'nt give a fuck what you think.

libertarian, anarchist, democrat, moderate. all terms i've been called. so when i say shit, it's based on what other people call me. not what i call myself. cause i don't align myself with ONE thing..cause that's just plain ignorant.


Some Random Asshole
Apr 25, 2002
i'm not reading most of this thread so no shit you fucking nimrod. lol...you act like i'm reading every post. nah, i only read like 5 posts so far.