Twista's Music Is Trash Now!

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May 2, 2002
I thought Kamakazi was hella dope....A true hip hop classic imo....After that I just been let down....I know he like to spit shit for the ladies but gotdamn atleast make the shit good.

He still has talent....No doubt about that....The music just ain't been hittin' to me.
there were some tight tracks on the day after.

adrenaline rush 2010 or whatever the fuck it was called was wack though. I only like a couple songs off that.
Sep 10, 2002
general question: why do so many rappers lose they hunger?
When we get some bread then niggaz is some elitist bitches. Why one nigga always tryna be better than the next? We too much in competition, when we should and could help the next man instead of crushin him.
Apr 4, 2006
I know I ain't the only person on eath that has felt that this dude's music has went down hill like a mothafucka.....he a raw emcee but the shit he been putting out the last few years is garbage.
At one point Twista was an underground icon that defined Chicago gangsta rap but now hes nothing more then a cream puff pop artist.

I cant hate on the guy for trying to get rich but now hes nothing short of a kayne west, hes not a bitch like kanye tho.

That cunt kayne is a whole different thread.