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May 16, 2002

Who do you run to, when the whole world tryin to hunt you/
I know I can't trust you, now look at what I've come to/
A few seeds, planted by a dying breed, trampled under higher feet/
Growing in the cracks of bloody concrete jungle/
King of my trouble sing a slow song/
Thru my long day, of hard pay, so I can hold on/
Another day, my brother prays for some other way/
That he don't have to change from the ways of his younger dayz/
Innocence lost in the cost of livin pain/
Givin all my thanks to those I hate, afraid, and still it rains/
Don't feel my pain, jus kill the day/
I forgot my way out of this dirty game, and my friendly face/
Would it still look the same, smiling with these scars/
Forgive me Shining Star, I've traveled far and grown a violent heart/
A fire started with my anger/
With hopes it burn the strangler, who chained us/
I walk in constant danger/
A dragon slayer for your cause, a prayer for your calls/
Prison walls crumble under talk of my Hallowed God/
Before you stop and start to cry, from a hardest life/
I'll start a fight, follow my fire. in your darkest night/
Guiding light, for blinded eyes find that I'm Vengence/
To wipe all oppressors from your remembrance/
I can end this, without the friendship/
Of temptor or temptress, they be none of my kindred/
Forbidden gold-en tickets, grow wicked wishes/
Flowers in fields of the siccness, poison suspicious/


"How long shall they kill our prophets/ While we stand aside and look..." - Redemption Song, Bob Marley