Track leak off new C-Mob album... "On Again" ft. Shawnna & T-Rock...

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Aug 11, 2005
Song is meh, Shawna's verse is whack, she should have used the same flow she had on Chi-Town's Finest. T-Rock wasn't even trying, his part is boring and he's one of my favorites. You had the best verse, I'm hoping to hear some Take Me Away/Strugglin type of tracks on your new album, your 1st album is fire.
Aug 31, 2007
beat is pretty dope, and C-Mobs Verse is fuckin killin it, cant wait for the new C-Mob album man.
But i agree on feature parts rather bein meh
I dont like female Rap, only female rapper who really impressed me was Ms Chambers. T-Rocks verse was solid (rock solid ehehe), but after masturbating to 20 T-Rock CDs over the last 10 years, u know what i mean.
But as i said, C-Mob is so dope i cant put in words with my limited english, much love, ur album will be fuckin great im sure