To people who know about midi codes and connectin different pieces of equipment

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May 16, 2002
I know this is a long shot but I got a roland cdx-1 disclab workstation, a yamaha rm1x sequence remixer, and a planet phatt tone generator. I know how to use all these individually but I don't know how to connect them as a whole. What I'm aimin for is to have the rm1x as the master to play the planet phatt sounds. And then to sync the cdx-1 to the rm1x so when I hit start on the cdx-1 the rm1x starts to play also. I know how to hook everything up cable wise but I don't know shit about the programming/commands to use to get what I'm lookin for.

Right now I just record from the rm1x to the cd1-x listenin to their metronomes and trying to hit start on the rm1x at the right moment recording one track and then startin the process all over again when I try to lay down the next one. It gets pretty damn frustratin.

As for using the rm1x as the master to control the planet phatt. I'm at a total loss.

If you need me to be more specific I'll need specific questions. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP A STRUGGLING ARTIST OUT! YOU DON"T KNOW THE FEELIN OF HAVING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED AND NOT KNOWING HOW TO GET YOUR SHIT TO WORK WITH YOUR OTHER SHIT. I"VE GOT PAGES AND PAGES OF LYRICS AND OVER FORTY BEATS DAMMIT! JUST DAMMIT! I NEED TO GET THIS RAP THANG STARTED I HATE MY FUCKIN JOB! Any help anyone can offer will be more than greatly appreciated i.e.- a place I can go to to learn about this, a book I can read, people I can talk to, etc. Thanks.



Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
ill tell you what. in the setup options on the rm1x. you have to set it up to send midi to the planet phatt. i used to have one hooked up to a mo phatt. its one knob turn. now the cdx i would assume goes to the midi in on your rm1x. and you just set it up to receive midi data. make sure your phatt is set to receive in omni (i believe) so that it will recognize all 16 channels of the rm1x independently. that is a dope ass sequencer. i miss mine. :(