TO ALL ANIMATORS and Film Makers ~~ Independent Animation Channel News!!!!!!

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Sicc OG
Nov 8, 2002
We are doing away with Submission Prices.....Say Goodbye.
Submit for free and Guaranteed to get played.

Electronic submissions are coming soon. We apologize for the delay, we are still developing the new website complete with Blogs, a better media player method and forums for our registered users to participate in so stay tuned into the Channel.

We are also annoucing ToonBoom Tuesdays, withh animated content created by ToonBoom Studio.

To get your Animation played first you must---

1. Fill out the IAC submission form.

2. Attach the submission form to your media and send it to us @
Attn: Submissions
1420 E. Roseville Parkway
suite 140-398
Roseville, CA 95661

Or for Digital enetertaiment (Flash animation, etc) please send an Email with your name, contact Info and a link to your submission to [email protected] or still send media to address above.

3. Once your film is added to our video Library your film will become part of a playlist for the week and will be placed in the next available timeslot.

4. The playlist will change as the library grows but we will not show a film twicw unless every film in the Library has been played once. It is Possible some films will show more than others.

5. The playlist is then broadcasted at IAC via an embedded playerand will soon be available on the DaveTV network....THE FUTURE OF NARROWCASTING CONTENT. Check them out at

We cannot return the Videos sent to us due to high volume of submissions so please back you work up.

Plus with the addition to Dave TV we will be working on Live action films and such. We are currantly looking for artists to assist us on some Projects IAC is scripting.

Any questions can be directed to myself or go straight to the Website.