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Feb 12, 2012
Looks like Magnus is about to turn heel and win the TNA title tourney and Im glad to see it. Magnus has came a long way this year and from a mid card tag wrestler and has become a legitimate main event level talent. I look forward to a Magnus/AJ Styles title unification match cuz their last match in the BFG series final was excellent.
May 10, 2002
tna is a better show without the aces n eights, the ec3 segment against earl hebner was hilarious, and bobby roode had me crackin up when he said why am I not in the finals because I slipped and fell through a table haha bad influence is still gold too and that little rocktar spuude dude is funny as fuck as the little stooge
Apr 30, 2008
I don't like anything about TNA at all. They are dull just like WCW was. They need to anchor the fucking rings down better and stiffen up the mats more too. The ring should never move or bounce enough to be noticed by spectators unless a dude the size of Big Show is being suplexed off the top rope and it really shouldn't then. TNA no sells the fuck out of shit way worse than WWE too.
Jan 18, 2006
That was suppose to be there big ppv. Shit was pretty horrible. Angle needs to retire. In a main event match you shouldnt have 20 people fighting in the ring at the same time. Shit is just stupid
Nov 21, 2012
Jessy Sorensen Tells All In Candid Shoot Interview – Highlights & Audio

Former TNA worker Jessy Sorensen did an in-depth interview with Monster Factory Radio at this link. Below are some notes:

Sorensen claimed that Dixie Carter and Bruce Prichard told him to send his medical bills to the TNA office but they kept being returned to him and his mom. He said his mother lost the restaurant she owned due to bankruptcy as she filed bankruptcy because she wasn’t able to afford his medical bills.
He said TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead and Dixie Carter called and offered him a position as a good will ambassador. Sorensen said he was excited and fully onboard with it. However, the job ended up being where he would fetch talent for their segments at TVs for the six months he was there.

Sorensen said his guaranteed pay was $30,000 a year and said checks were always late. His contract was he got paid at the end of the month but the checks didn’t usually come until the 18th when they were supposed to be there the 30th of the prior month. He said when he was working there, he managed a gym where he and Garett Bischoff worked out and waited tables at night. Sorensen reiterated he was working three jobs.

Jessy told a story about arranging for a child with brain cancer to come visit TVs. He said the child, named Nathan, was given first class treatment by many of the workers. AJ Styles gave him gloves, Jeff Hardy decked him out, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan all greeted him. Christy Hemme walked him down the ramp. However, he said what really “pissed him off” was they didn’t film it and he had to explain to the child’s mother it wasn’t going to be on TV.

Sorensen revealed he had a bad feeling he was going to be one of the releases. He was sitting at catering with the Hebners at TVs and he told them he didn’t know what it was, but he had this feeling he was going to be released. Jessy recalled that Earl Hebner told him there’s no way he’d be one of the releases because of the negative press.

Jessy said Bob Ryder called him and informed him that TNA was canceling his contract early. He said Ryder told him it was Dean and Dixie that made the decision but he knew he’d been wanting to wrestle again, so maybe this was the opportunity to do that and maybe come back and wrestle for TNA again one day. Jessy said he wanted to wrestle for them then and had been bugging people for months to let him do it. He said he was told to stay out of the ring and stop sending videos of him in the ring.

He talked about Kurt Angle flying down and spending time with him in the hospital. Jessy said Angle told him he’d be back in 4 months and the next day that he was able to walk again and everything started to come back.
Sorensen said when he worked for Ring of Honor that Dixie wanted him to talk to John Gaburick but he said John never got back to him. He went from 215 lbs to 165 lbs when he got hurt.

Jessy said he was never supposed to do production but be a good will ambassador. Dixie said they gave him a job in production to give him job skills to help him get a better job after this. Sorensen said it was “really shitty” that when he was waiting tables at the restaurant next to Hogan’s Beach that fans would come in and notice him. Sorensen said that no wrestler that’s “busted their ass” to get there, to get to TV, should be able to make more money working indies. He said a lot of people had second jobs and were struggling.

Sorensen said he and Zema Ion [his opponent when he got hurt] don’t even talk anymore. He said Zema came to the hospital one time but they had roomed together for a live event prior to the injury happened in their match at Against All Odds 2012. Jessy said Zema apologized to him later but he felt it was BS because Zema claimed he had lost his number. Sorensen said Dakota Darsow called him after his match against Ion on the December 7, 2012 episode of Impact and told him that he got Ion back for him. You can watch highlights of that match at this link.

Jessy said that Zema and Darsow had a long talk about it, where Zema told him he didn’t really know what to say to Sorensen. Jessy said he wasn’t mad at Zema and they’re cool now, he just wanted to feel like he cared. He reiterated they don’t talk anymore.
source: Jessy Sorensen Tells All In Candid Shoot Interview - Highlights & Audio