thizz artist i never new bout

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May 12, 2002
Never heard of 'em...? Hell naw, they dropped one of the dopest CD's on Thizz this year.

Remy RED and XSF... CD was dope.

1. Intro: Dragon (Feat. Yukmouth)
2. Wha Thizz It (Feat. J-Diggs)
3. Shake 4 Me (Feat. Mic Mos & TJ Maxx)
4. Yadada (Feat. Mic Mos)
5. Soldja Story
6. Soul Survivors (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.)
7. All In (Feat. Shigady Da Playboy)
8. Hey Ma
9. Phenomenon (Feat. Preach Martine)
10. After Tha Storm (Feat. Enzyme)
11. One Two
12. Yokin & Pushin (Feat. The Jacka & Husalah)
13. Boom Boom
14. I'm A Fool (Feat. PSD)
15. Weed Naps (Feat. Mac Mall)
16. Hit Tha Trunk
17. Danger Zone (Feat. Big J & TJ Maxx)
18. Keep On Rockin'
19. My Bark Got Bite (Feat. Tha Gorillapits)
20. Thizz Kidds
21. F What You Heard (Feat. Cash & Mr. Kee)
May 12, 2002
Portuguese Godfather said:
thizz is pretty horrible in general so you put no name thizz in the picture and itll be worse
Nah fam, you're gettin it twisted on this one, CD is dope. Straight up and down. It's not a typical Thizz release, a lot of effort has gone into it from the artists, it's 20 tracks deep and no recycles. Solid product. I was pleasantly surprised.

É bom... Portugal para sempre... e tambem SLB...