This shit here is comedy.......

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Jul 20, 2002


I got this letter from somebody that refused to give their name. All I can say is they seem to know a lot and is appalled at the treatment of Ciara. Check it: I don’t know nothin’ about what is fact or fiction in this email. I said that, because it’s the truth -I know nothing. Typically, I know when something is real or fake. You know I am a Game fan and have actually resolved my issues with Bow Wow, who I used to love calling Wow Bow.


First, let me start out by saying this aint a attempt to get fame or money, so I will even remain nameless.. But it just so happens that the 2 lamest n***as on the planet (besides Soulja Boy), decide to disrespect my peoples (Ciara).. I know Game and Bow Bow personally, and they know my style and how I get down. Therefore, I don’t know why they would even come out they mouth sidewayz towards Ci Ci, and they know I will break they fukin faces..But before I do that, I’ma air they asses out, and pull the sheets off they ass real quick(no homo).. I’ma start with Game….

Game’s cousin f***s with my best friend’s sister, so we have been around each other numerous times, and he always on some “lets all chill” s**t. So one weekend, me and my squad was down in Memphis, because I was meeting with some people about a nightclub im about to open out there. My n***a’s sister call and says “Game and his people out that way doin promotion, and they gonna call ya’ll so ya’ll can come to a party they throwing”.. We aint have s**t else to do, so we accepted the invite when his lame ass called. Long story short, he claims the party got cancelled, and he wanted us to meet them at the strip club. So we did.. To make another long story short, Game ends up getting his d**k sucked by a stripper, that happens to really be a MAN. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that he didn’t know she was a man at first.. When this n***a came from the V.I.P, he was looking all shook-up and s**t.. He wasn’t even gonna tell us, until another female that was on my d**k all night, called it out to everyone. (I had a REAL female).. Game gets all loud and starts poppin off in the club. I was laughing, cause I know who he really is, and all that bark don’t mean s**t.. Somehow the dude/female gets his number and calls Game 2 days later. Long Story short, the dude/chick threatened to leak it out unless he broke her off some bread, and took her/him on vacation. So this n***a ends up takeing the chick/dude to Vegas for a weekend, and shells out a few thousand.. I wish Game would try to deny it, because I have the instant messages they shared, and the pics that the dude/chick took on a camera phone of him and him/her. But Game will know ecaxtly who I am when he reads this, and I pray that he acts stupid and confronts me. But I know that wont happen cause he know my resume`, and how I rock..Plus, my money too long for that clown ass n***a to try me… Lets move on to Bow Wow….

I know Bow Wow through JD (and that n***a JD owe me money for that last studio he built too, but I wont put him out there about how he broke..don’t think I forgot n***a!).. But anyways, this n***a Bow Wow talks crazy gangsta these days.. Aint you the same n***a that was harlem shakein in videos, and singing about puppy love? You are a internet/youtube/106&Park gangsta.. He failed to tell the world about how he was sick as hell when Ci Ci let his ass go.. Or about how he was calling her phone, threatening to kill himself if she didn’t call him back.. Or what about last all star weekend Bow???????? We happened to be in the same hotel, and this n***a had a broad running around telling everybody on the strip how the n***a got drunk (off some Bacardi light) and s**tted all over his bed in the room…. Also, lets tak about Candace... The Candace that burned ya ass, and caused Ci Ci to stop fukin with you in the first place.. Or how bout we leak that video of you talking about my nigaa Jim Jones? Remember that? The tape where u said he needs to stop screamin BALLIN, unless he can afford to buy instead of lease? You paid my n***a, Ransom, good money to destroy that, cause you know Capo would beat ta lil ass.. Last but not least, should we speak about how my manz fucked ya momz at the Hamptons last labor day weekend? Lets save that for another time… I just wanted to air the n***az out real quick.. And both of ya’ll know exactly who the fuck I am.. Get at me if you feel froggy.. And if Ci Ci name come out either one of ya’ll mouths again, you already know what it is.. You food n***a!