This is just sad.

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Dec 25, 2003
Is Spotify & other music streaming sites worth a damn??? I dont use any of them whatsoever...... Its just like listening to the radio but with a wider selection & simply for the radio audience who dont buy music & they still dont have everything youre lookin for...
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Dec 2, 2011
Mhu thulan
if no one is streaming your music you don't get money. lets say he get 0.005$ per stream and his album got 13 songs so thats like 0.065$ if some one streams his album, lets say there is 1 000 000 spotify users who wants to listen to his album so he makes 65000 and thats probably more money he ever done with cunninglyingsts album sales after all the cuts. but the fact is there isn't millions of people who wanna listen to his album, because its wack and his fanbase probably already bought or downloaded it illegally and some one might stream the album or few songs or what ever, so he isn't going to get paid.

spotify isn't digital music store, well you can buy music from there, but internets is full of cheaper mp3 stores, its streaming service, why he doesn't cry about youtube, his whole discography is probably there and he doesn't even get that 0.005$

and puff daddy is worth of over 500 milli and bono 600milli, george harrison, jay-z, clint eastwood and so on, they are richer than spotify dude, kno doesn't know what he talks about. kno also cries every few months on internet why his fans doesn't support him enough or why his albums don't sell or why people snitches on various web sites what samples he uses
Props: Mixerr