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May 13, 2005
Lil' G said:
Tadou: I hope to god youre not talkin bout me and Mo-X when you say that (I say this becuase you adressed Mo-X at tha end of your post). True, were not established artists, and were barely "on the northwest rap scene radar," but we have recorded almost our whole album and YOU AINT DONE SHIT. Till you come here wit some REAL songs, you need to stop runnin ya mouth. Im prolly gonna get shit from peeps cause they aint even heard of me, but EVEN I AM ABOVE YA LEVEL TADOU.
who givez fuk bout how popular ya ass iz, mo-x n lilg drops heat, i member yalls shit, all i need, is sum extacy, and a little bit of weed or sum thin like that? anyways that shit was heat, where can i snatch up sum mo-x/lilg shit? free or pay w/e i dun gives a fuk tha shits heat. get @ me through pm if yall could, aint got nuff time ta check deez forums no more