The Sly Show Talktape Vol. 6 [Cover]

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Sep 16, 2002
i don't think i get what you're saying tosin... isn't it already pretty warm looking? it does look a little washed out, but i kind of like that look. i'm not attacking anybody, just want a better understanding, maybe i'll learn something
What Tosin is talkin about is the lack of contrast. Everything has the same midtone. But I like it tho.
Apr 9, 2005
Thanks y'all. Yea the idea was an old worn look. I did copy this one from facebook though, so it's a little compressed. I'd say the final version is somewhere between the original post and the one tosin posted.

Sly is an online radio show host/comedian. His CDs are probably best compared to the jerky boys. A talktape is basically him talking shit, cracking jokes, making prank calls, etc with some music mixed in.