The Official Fight Video's thread

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May 3, 2005
Bacc in SJ
"i was at a festival thing at the city park when i recorded this gang fight. its a North side (red) vs South side (blue) fight if you couldn't tell.

for those interested, heres the story behind it..

So me, my cousins and this chick are tokin it at this festival sort of thing at our city

park and its packed full of mexican people. we already knew somethin was going

down cuz it was crowded with teenage and adult gangmembers walkin around

showing off their colors and sure enough a fight broke out in the middle of the

park. we stop blazing so we can go see what happened and theres a northsider

on the floor bleeding and a southsider with a cop on top of him. the southsider won

the fight so the northsiders homie wanted revenge against the south side clique.

the guy in the red sweater in the video is who wanted to fight so he walked up by

himself to a group of mexicans in blue. he starts yellin all kinds of stuff like "lets

fight. ill fight any one of you right now " .so the biggest one (the one in dark colors i

n the video)says okay lets fight then but not here at the park with cops watching.

now the guy in the red sweater and the guy in blue with his whole clique of like 9

southsiders start walkin towards some buildings. me n my cousins and the girl

decide to walk with the guy in red cuz he was all by himself. as we're walkin to find

a spot to fight, the red and blue guys in the video start talking. the red guy

discovers that the southsider who beat up his homie is not affiliated with this set of

guys. so now we all stop walkin and the two debate on whether they should fight

or not since theres no need to. the red guy leaves it up to the blue guy and the blue

guy reluctantly says lets fight anyway. you could tell he didnt want to though.

maybe fear. so we continue walkin and me and my cousins decide that we were

gonna smoke our bud with the winner of the fight in the end, then we get to this

empty parking lot with a house.right before the two gangmembers get into their

stance , i notice that no one has a camera out. i decide to do the only logical

thing ,since no one else would, and pulled out my phone and recorded the brutality

that you see before you. haha i thought it was pretty intense."



smoking meth with steve
Mar 14, 2004
Here's on of my Lil cousins homies fighting some skraps,shits weak tho they only like 15/16 years old,but the skraps pressed charges kuz one of em got hit with a rock but it's not in the vid.