The Official Basedworld Records Thread [Basedgod, Lil B & Keke]

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Girbaud Shuttle Jeans
Dec 10, 2006
man there are so many great songs on this, the 2nd half kind of start to get inconsistent but some gems here & there.

seems like b got word about sgp dissing him & basedworld on twitter. he disses him on "from the bay".

also issue produced the song "so thirsty".

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
100 fuckin lil b songs, this is gonna be hard to do. but 05 fuck em. ill try

all i wanna hear is the last song with keke the adopted tabby cat really to be honest

edit: heard it. bitch hadouken.

i cant sit through this lil b shit right now too high maybe later

edit: lol is lil b gettin at joe blow on 'no more blow'??
edit x2: yup. he is. on the sublim tip
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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
I'm only half way through now and I've liked more or less everything so far. Did skip to that song with the "diss" but I'm 99% sure it's just a reference to

as right after he says the name he's talking about how the show is no longer on so the character doesn't have any bitches anymore.

Either way it was hilarious to watch SpaceGhostPurrp going into a cosmic meltdown for a few hours. Purrp is still one of my favorite producers out but dude is a giant fucking dumbass and needs meds like yesterday.

Also there are at least a few Dipset/Cam'ron beats on the first half, or at very least samples from them, which I thought was cool.

Some of the stuff sounds like it could be from the 6 Kiss era too which is more than welcomed.

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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall

very fucking #rare
Wasn't a big fan of the original and this wasn't any better. Probably my least favorite song of Fredo's tape which I thought was pretty solid overall.

Cool to see him branching out though doing songs with B and Kendrick and shit. Guess he's not trying to get pigeonholed (ha!) as just a drill rapper or something.

Gonna save the last half of 05 Fuck Em for after work tomorrow while I'm getting medicated.


Sicc OG
Jun 30, 2005

01. Lil B - I'm Tupac (4:42)
02. Lil B - F*ck Em (Remix) (5:44)
03. Lil B - The BasedGod Is Perfect (4:37)
04. Lil B - Bring The Beat Back (3:11)
05. Lil B - All Day (3:25)
06. Lil B - Stab You When Dead (1:32)
07. Lil B - Be Brave Welcome Home (3:26)
08. Lil B - Hip Hop 101 (3:25)
09. Lil B - Just A Lil Bit (3:24)
10. Lil B - Wats The Mob (3:41)
11. Lil B - I'm Solid (1:39)
12. Lil B - How The Girls Sound (3:53)
13. Lil B - Basedworld Paradise (4:24)
14. Lil B - Move Correct (2:45)
15. Lil B - Till The Sunlight (4:18)
16. Lil B - Drug Dealer PSA (3:47)
17. Lil B - Based Memories (2:43)
18. Lil B - The World Is Ours (3:28)
19. Lil B - In The Wind (2:57)
20. Lil B - Peter Pan (4:33)
21. Lil B - Rides Of Hope (3:29)
22. Lil B - Meeting In The Town (2:36)
23. Lil B - Castles And Dragons (2:10)
24. Lil B - Green Flame (Remix) (2:47)
25. Lil B - I Don't Hate You (5:27)
26. Lil B - Appreciate You (3:28)
27. Lil B - Listen To God Speak (4:32)
28. Lil B - Superstar (2:40)
29. Lil B - Bitches Till I Die (4:18)
30. Lil B - Cashout On Me (Based Freestyle) (4:30)
31. Lil B - Lying To The Kid (4:14)

Lil B - Basedworld Paradise - NoDJ