The grind family

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Thotlamic Prophet
Feb 19, 2006
i believe they group doesn't exist anymore. ovados in that crew freddie gibbs runs, st8 slammin and that one other dude, i forgot his name is in the group loyalty over everything and soope is doing the solo thing. last i heard mr. cob was in ATL putting out some teenager rapping usual ATL teenage shit.
Aug 26, 2002
i talk to phil mo & soope on a regular ......cob thought he knew it all and never wanted to network with nobody, thats why there is no more grind family. ...... ovadose over there with freddie gibbs, his mixtape is hard as fuk & he got a new one coming soope welcome to indiana is on there too
soope just dropped a project
u can get the old grind family mixtape on