The Colony (reality shot)

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May 27, 2009
The Colony (reality show)

Any one watch The Colony? I grabbed the first episode the other day to check it out and ended up getting the whole season.

The show is supposed to be an experiment on what a group of people might do after a major disaster or war, and how people could survive in a post apocalyptic environment.

This show definitely has some elements that are cheesy as fuck, also there's enough fake shit in it to make it frustrating to watch. But the concept of the show is kind of cool, they throw a group of people in this fucked up warehouse for like 60 days. These people have to get their fucking drinking water from the L.A. river.

The shit that's fake on this is some of the projects they do. They're using a shitload of resources and time building shit like a shower or a radio, instead of doing what most people would do like find some fucking guns. Then again the producers can't exactly have these people armed with guns when the compound gets attacked by other actors.

All in all I found the show to be pretty good. Even with the cheesy and fake elements it was fairly entertaining to watch.