Teenage girl gets jumped on tape

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Jan 3, 2006
if only they were naked :confused:

naa for real though .. thats fucked up .. she just got smacked around in this tape ..

its not the whole thing .. but eh


u can see the video here 2 with the article .... it explains it better .. and its longer


NEWS said:
A Mulberry High School cheerleader is recovering from a beating by eight of her classmates. The entire incident was videotaped and the eight Florida teens planned to post it on YouTube.

The video, filmed March 30, shows 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay being attacked by six girls while two boys stood as lookouts. Lindsay was backed into a corner while the attackers blocked the door way. She suffered several blows to the head and was knocked unconscious after being slammed into a wall.

“It’s absolutely an animalistic attack. They lured her into the home for express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the internet,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

After the attack, Lindsay was forced into a car by three of her attackers and driven to another location. The teens told her she would be beaten again if she attempted to call police. She suffered a concussion, bruises and damages to her left eye and ear.

The eight high school students were arrested April 2 after one of the defendants turned the footage into police. Seven of them were in juvenile attention while an 18-year-old boy was charges as an adult. He was released from jail on bail.

All eight teens are charged with battery and false imprisonment. The three teens who forced Lindsay into a vehicle have additional charges of felony kidnapping.


Sicc OG
Sep 27, 2002
WTF is up with people getting in trouble/caught with their OWN footage...its starting to piss me off...I cant stress this enough...

Watch the parents say "OMG, not my little (insert name)! I am so surprised she would do this...she is such a sweet little girl..I never did like her friends..."

Watch the media say "You see what rap music is doing to our youth?"...lol..Those are the type of girls who are f--king the football team just to be cool..

They were bombing on her anyway, she should have snuck a COLD one on homegirl or pushed her when they were arguing on the wall...and then ran out..
Jan 3, 2006
like i said

its not the whole thing

its missing the first and last part of clip .. im guessing they didnt wanna show the reeeal beating

oh And the worst part is one of the girls who punched the girl also on the video her Mom appeared on the TODAY show saying that her daughters action are justifiable because the beaten girl had posted nasty thing about her on a my space ...

i swear .. myspace is just draaama
Nov 1, 2005
Cholas would have gotten down harder.
^^hell ya..cholas are way harder then that....

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
6:30 PM PDT, April 8, 2008
Two teenage girls were killed in a taxi cab crash early Tuesday in City Terrace after one of them allegedly attacked the driver of the cab they were riding in with box cutters and he lost control of the vehicle, authorities said.

Relatives and coroner's officials identified the dead teens as Daisy Orozco, 17, and Alexous Ann Sandoval, 17, both students from Los Angeles. In an earlier version of this story, Sandoval's name was misspelled as Alexis Sandoval.

Police have detained two men in connection with events leading up to the fatal crash. Los Angeles Police Capt. Blake Chow said the men, who are in their early 20s, knew the crash victims and are suspected of plotting with them to rob the taxi driver. Authorities have not released their names.

The cab driver, who is in his mid-30s, told police that the girls flagged him down about 12:30 a.m. at Wabash Avenue and North Soto Street in Boyle Heights and asked to be taken to the Ramona Gardens public housing complex less than a mile away. His name has not been released.

As they neared the complex on Lancaster Avenue, the driver said one of the girls told him to wait for her boyfriend to pay the fare, Chow said. When a man approached his car holding a handgun, the driver said he sped away with the girls still inside.

At that point, the driver told police that one of the girls attacked him with a box cutter, stabbing him in the face and neck. Police would not say which girl was suspected of stabbing the driver.

The driver lost control during the attack and crashed into a concrete barrier, Chow said. Both girls were thrown from the car, but the driver, who was wearing a seat belt, was not, Chow said. The girls died at the scene.

After the crash, the driver was seen bloodied and running away, scaling a fence and yelling, "Help me, somebody's trying to kill me," according to night-shift workers at Precision Specialty Metals Inc., at 3301 Medford St., who helped the driver inside and let him use a phone to call 911.

Relatives of the dead girls struggled to make sense of the events Tuesday as they stood outside their homes just minutes from the crash scene.

Orozco's relatives said she left Monday night for a sleepover at Sandoval's home on nearby Charlotte Street. They said she did not take anything with her, not even her purse. Andreina Orozco said that when she last talked to her sister at 10 p.m. Monday, the teenager said she planned to return home Tuesday morning.

Andreina Orozco said she could not understand why her sister would take a cab such a short distance. She also questioned why her sister hadn't asked for cab money in advance or called for a ride as she usually did.
Jul 23, 2003
^^^^^WTF!!! chola's are fuckin stupid as fuck too man. why the fuck you gonna attack the fool while he's drivin??? dumb bithces deserved to die. hope they gettin slapped around in hell for being retards.


Sicc OG
Dec 4, 2004
the video on the article link is longer...u can hear one of the females ask their mom for another camera lol....and they say somethin bout a myspace comment. dumb lil hoes