Tech in Olympia!!!

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Mar 26, 2005
I was at the Tech N9ne concert last night in downtown Olympia at the Capital Theater and that shit was crackin as fuck! It started at 9 and i got there at like 10 or so, Potluck had already came on stage and shit. Cool Nutz was up on stage rockin the shit when i walked in. He spit for like 20 minutes and then Critical Bill came on stage, i kinda thought they were wack(i wasn't really fellin that rock and rap together shit). Then Tecca Nina came on at 11 and spit until a little after 12. He was gettin raw as fuck mayne. Oh boy!! His dancin and slidin across the stage and shit was filthy as all hell. He spit like 15 songs or some shit. These were some of the ones i can remember...

1. 2 or 3 of his new cuts
2. "187 on a Hook"
3. "Jelly Sickle"
4. "Einstein"
5. "Psycho Bitch"
6. "I'm a Playa"
7. "Stamina"
8.a bunch of others including a couple of Cutt Calhoun's and Kris Kaliko's shit.

And after the show a bunch of dudes got in to a fight which kinda ended up turning into a brawl. One of my homies had told me that some dude was trying to fuck wit his bitch and he said we'd get him after the show and he did. My dude ran up on the fool socked him in the face, knocked his cig out his mouth. Dude hit the ground , everybody started swingin and stompin on the fucks head. The guy that fucked wit his bitch ended up all kinds of fucked and crying on the sidewalk. haha. Coppers and ambulances came and all that shit so we bounced out.
May 3, 2005
Yeah that show was fuckin tighttt.unexpected arival was here and i never really heard of them till then but they were pretty tight. i wasnt around for the brawl tho. anyone who went get any pics? hit me up with a message on here or somethin.