Taking A Walk With A Rifle

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Jan 29, 2005
it was funny, but the cops weren't hassling him. I'm all for fucking with cops that are dead ass wrong, but they obviously got called by other people saying there's someone walking around with guns. Cops don't deal with open carry type people every day. The cops were even pretty cool about it considering they don't deal with it everyday.

Dude don't really get props from me though due to the fact he was just out to get youtube fame. I doubt he spends everyday of his life open carrying pistols and "fighting for our constitutional rights".

I do agree with fucking with piece of shit cops who are literally out to get you and illegally search you, but he seemed like he was trying to push them to do more then what they were actually gonna do. I think he wanted a bad situation to pop off honestly.
Feb 10, 2006
that dude was a fuccin idiot for that, it seemed like he was asking to be noticed...theres a line between being smart and being a smart ass and i think dude crossed it, he's luccy he didnt get popped not just by the police but by anybody.


Sicc OG
Sep 27, 2002
It would have been all bad if the Cop "accidentally" shot homie while "checking" his gun...I bet the cop would have gotten off with ease....
May 14, 2002
For me it is a weird fucking sight to see someone walking down the street with a bunch of firearms out in the open.
But it's the law and normal for yall I guess.

I expected the cops to react violently like you see so many times, especially when more kept showing up.
Surprisingly (for me, at least) they acted really cool about it.
Off course they want to inspect the gun, and of course you can expect the question if that gun is registered in your name.

The dude seemed to provoke the cops and kept responding more and more like a dickhead to me.
Why would you carry a big as rifle out in the open anyway? Put that shit in a bag or case or something. This is asking for (unwanted)attention.

What exactly is the full story behind this? He started off 'here they come' and somewhere in the vid he says he walks around with those guns everyday. For what? Protection? An empty rifle? Really?