Suicide league

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Jul 8, 2007
whos down? for those who dont know what it is, its basically a survival league. $20 gets u in. each week u pick a team to win its game. if the team you pick wins, u move onto the next week, but u have to pick a different team. if u lose, ur out, u no longer are able to win the pot. if u want back in its $30. everytime u lose and want back it, the buy in increases $10, and ur only allowed 2 buy ins. (only allowed buy ins are from week 1 - 8, after week 8 there will be no more buy ins) the money will be sent to a paypal account which i will manage. if theyre 32 people with $20 a piece thats $640 before any more buy ins. there is no set amount of people it can be 32, 40, 50. doesnt matter. 16 people will lose each week. if u know ur football and think u have a good chance at winning hit me up. ill send u more information.

basic rules
-u cant use the same team twice
-teams choices come in as first come first serve. so dont count on one team to be there, have a couple in mind.

and that pretty much it. ill keep track of everything so all u have to do is pick your teams and hope your team wins.