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Jan 11, 2006
So, I always randomly find new remix's what this person 'dubbed' strangestep after releases.

Lets see what are some of your favorites or worst ever heard dubstep over tech verses out there. (or just say fuckyou. and bam. freepost)

This ones relevant i'd say for it only being unofficially released not three weeks and someone does an okay job by my standards, not the best i've heard if I prop you I probably heard it and favor it. :dead:

Props: siccmadesyko
Oct 25, 2006
^^Sounds like something Datsik would make. Great shit. Reminds me of that tiny period of time before dubstep got streamlined and fucked.

Edit: NZ, your producer's work is insane. Thanks for sharing.
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Nov 13, 2006
I uploaded a couple tracks I had for you I liked. I know some are not available on youtube anymore some are , So I uploaded them just in case.

I downloaded that T9x one a while ago. I actually grabbed a lot of the dubstep tracks just to make a mixtape messin around bored. I actually had hat meloncholy-maze too NZTECHFAN..Shit is dope here is the list I have:

Tech n9ne - Blackened the sun - (Trixxx Remix) <----Check this one out link on bottom
Tech N9ne - Come Gangsta (Antagonist Remix)
Tech N9ne - T9X (Drugged the F_$K Out Dubstep Remix)
Tech N9ne - ChromanticnzDubstep Remix (Melancholy Maze)
Tech N9ne It's Alive (Dubstep Banger Remix)
Tech N9ne Move - DUBSTEP REMIX - (Kill The Computer) * Also decent!
Tech N9ne & Reso Bout Ta' Bubble Dubstep Remix.mp3
Tech N9ne - Like Yeah (Official Remix 3D Smash) Dubstep * Very Good!

Blackened the Sun:
02 - Tech n9ne - Blackened the sun - (Trix.mp3 download - 2shared

Like Yeah:
Tech N9ne - Like Yeah (Official Remix 3D S.mp3 download - 2shared