Strange Music has fallen off since Rittz left.

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Dead Blue

Smokin Bud
Nov 14, 2008
I've always felt Strange's roster was kind of weak. I like Mayday but they've fallen off ever since Mursday. The new Big Scoob album is dope though. Never really liked Ces Cru or Krizz Kaliko. Tech is dope and I'd love to see Lynch back on the roster.


Ferocious Mackadoshis
Jun 17, 2005
CES CRU would have to be up there lyrically, there hasn't been one track on any LP/EP that they've put out that I would say was ''weak'', even if it wasn't to my liking and there's been a few. Mayday's always put out quality music, again there full-lengths aren't always to my liking, but I'd be wrong to label it weak.

JL and Joey Cool's project's have all been solid thus far.

Krizz's albums haven't really been to my liking since Vitiligo which is a shame given how talented dude is. I could almost say the same for Scoob's projects, little to no replay value whatsoever apart from a few memorable features. His last two tracks have been dope though...

Wrek as a solo artist has never been weak and every one of his drops have been solid.

Rittz was probably my favourite next to Tech as I was a fan before the Strange jump but that doesn't take away from what's still on offer. I hope he goes back to his White Jesus sound when he was getting beats from WLPWR and DJ Burn One.

Lynch I've always checked for but his solo project's did nothing for me and had too much of the same going on... Always preferred dude as a feature artist and I'm not a big fan of his content.

Tech has been my favourite artist before Strange's inception back when he was with Don and Dyamund on MidWestside but his recent project's compared to his earlier drop's on the label hold little to no replay value at all again apart from a few heaters here and there. I just feel they lack the cohesion as a structured album in comparison to the first few he did but that's just my opinion as I'm sure a lot would disagree.

Prozak has always been fairly straight as a feature artist but I don't really check for him or his projects as I'm not a fan of Horrorcore.

Stevie Stone has always been dope to me, dude always drops heaters although a lot of the darker fan's would probably disagree as they wouldn't dig his polished sound.

MURS, like Rittz, I was a fan of long before Strange, although I haven't really checked for since other than a few heaters I've heard here and there.

Far from a weak roster IMO, I think for the most part it comes down to who people are really checking for as there's a lot of different styles and tastes thrown in as opposed to other label rosters that in most cases consist of more of the same...
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Oct 25, 2006
If King Iso actually signs with Strange, that roster power is rising exponentially. From production to rapping to lyricism to content, dude is killing shit right now. He was a diamond in the rough for me back in 2014, so it's crazy to see how far he's come and how much better he's gotten in such a short amount of time.
Mar 30, 2006
With the roster that Strange Music has, they still dominate. Seeing Tech N9ne, King Iso, Joey Cool, and Krizz with the emotion and energy they had on stage was awesome. They're the Midwest version of TDE with Kendrick Lamar's crew. They all bring something different to the table in a great way and they mesh well.