Starting an online station anybody got...

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Feb 14, 2006
-tips who has done it?
- Know what the best computers to use are? My partner and I are in disagreement. He says desktop and I'm thinking laptop.
-Best mics for radio.

Any help is grateful. 1 love siccness.
Oct 21, 2008
I can only offer help for the laptop vs desktop situation.. Desktops are more reliable to a be a constant. Desktops also are more advanced in terms of speed and new technology. laptops are generally 6mos. to a yr. behind in technology. $$$ for what u get, desktop hands down. I guess your only dilemma left is do u have room for a desktop vs laptop. DO NOT BE CONNECTED VIA WIRELESS CONNECTION, HARD WIRE YOUR BROADCAST COMPUTER. As for mics, go ask an audio/musicians store such as guitar center. They'll be able to point to in the right direction as to what type of recording equipment you might need.