Spice 1 says fuck migos any young rappers hating! VIDEO

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Nov 10, 2018
That’s two rappers Whose best music came out years ago. They are pop crossovers too. They’re essentially part of the fabric of America as much as they are representations of hip hop. They’re the one percenters.
Yesterday’s legacy rappers should be respected I just don’t understand why they wanna yell and scream at a new act while they shine. Unfortunately the tide changes and the music moves on. I prefer Spice 1 to Migos I’d just prefer he make better music than them in 2019 to a 3 minute video of him talking shit. It reminds me of Yukmouth talking shit about rappers he never even met and he killed his career over it.
wow he went off on these hoes!
good to see a good man speaking the real

Fuck the Migos...Bitch ass niggaz. They CAN'T FUCK WITH SPIGGADY!