Some Luniz Questions ( I am new to them)

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May 10, 2004
I know Im late on Luniz but ive been bumpin yuk for awhile and got some questions:
Theres a cassette on called formely known as cassette or sumthin, are these older songs not on tha cds?
I saw a couple dvds called operation stackola movie and I still got 5 on it documentary, are these any good?
and how are tha yuk united ghettos of america dvds?
thnx :)
Aug 7, 2003
The luniz cassette was re-released on CD. its the same 6 songs that are on the cassette and the songs were made before operation stackola when the luniz were known as luni tunez. cd is cool to have if your a fan but i wouldnt waste 15 bucks on 6 songs. oh yeah cd is called bootlegs and g or b-sides.