Soldiers of Conscience (2007)(Doc.)

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May 27, 2009
Soldiers of Conscience (2007)

A mediocre documentary about soldiers who file for Conscientious objector status in the military after spending some time in war zones.

Though relatively balanced with interviews from both sides of the argument, it didn't provide much for proponents of either side to sink their teeth into.

Even if you overlook slight editing mistakes and fairly weak source footage, the final argument seems to fall short of its mark. That final argument seeming to be "If everyone in the world was a Conscientious objector, there would be no war". Well, no shit. Unfortunately that will never happen and there is a legitimate need for maintaining a military. Just because our government hasn't been utilizing the military in legitimate ways, doesn't mean the military itself is illegitimate.

If you're a huge documentary fan, you may want to watch this just to kill some time. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. Then again, I've found myself bringing up the topic of Conscientious objectors a few times this weekend, so maybe the documentary is successful in getting people to think and talk about the subject matter.