So wuts the deal with Raided?

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Apr 8, 2006
I seen a thread that sayin sum Northerners tried 2 stab him 2 death.

I'm not usually the gullable type,I know this was just quoted from a chatroom but stabbed 2 death!!?

Is X alryt?
May 22, 2008
I think he is fine. I don't believe anyone will ever be successful in harming him because the Game wouldn't do that to him. He's one of the only people left of his kind and it would be too big a loss to lose him. The riots, the hospitalization, etc., were confirmed by the prison, but no stabbing has been confirmed. I think X will be fine. Not to make light of it, but now that I know he has been brought back from the hospital and is okay, I also think we will get another great blog from him after this! LOL.