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May 15, 2009
By Buck Woodward on 2010-02-23 17:34:01

Sort of a new twist on the "Elevator" concept, as I look not only at the performance of the wrestler on the PPV, but the way they have been positioned leading into Wrestlemania. Yesterday, I looked at the Raw stars, which you can check out at this link. Since then, we now know some of the main events for Wrestlemania, as well as the fact that there WILL be a Money In The Bank match on the show. With that in mind, we look at the Smackdown stars.

Drew McIntyre - McIntyre continues his slow and steady climb up the WWE ladder. It was obvious from the crowd reaction that a ten minute match was a bit long for a bout with Kane, but McIntyre looked strong here, and the old-school heel tactic to get the win (a thumb to an eye) worked for me. It will be interesting to see if McIntyre gets a solo spot at Wrestlemania with the Intercontinental Title or if he is a part of Money In The Bank. Given his style, I don't know if a spotfest is the best forum for him. Elevator: Up a floor.

Kane - The Big Red Machine is the perfect opponent for McIntyre at this point, as he is seen as being higher than a mid-carder, but not quite a main eventer anymore. Given that McIntyre "cheated" to get the win, I would imagine we'll see at least one more round for this feud, most likely on Smackdown. When it comes to Wrestlemania, it would seem Money In The Bank for Kane, unless he ends up in a tag team (quickly) to face Big Show and Miz. Elevator: On the same floor.

Michelle McCool & Layla - I'm not sure that winning a handicap match against an opponent who was supposed to face her partner that night really means a lot in the grand scheme of things. I suppose this might lead to a "Raw Diva vs. Smackdown Diva" match of some kind at Wrestlemania. Or it could just as easily be ignored completely. Elevator: On the same floor.

Edge - He wasn't really a major part of the Elimination Chamber PPV, but he did appear to give William Regal a spear, and remind everyone he will be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Elevator: Up a floor.

R-Truth - R-Truth's Elimination Chamber experience lasted well under five minutes, so other than a spectacular dive, there really wasn't much here. Unfortunately, the last two weeks of Truth and John Morrison being friendly never resulted in an in-ring meeting between them during the Chamber, as Truth was in the locker room by the time Morrison's pod opens. Last year, Truth was prominently featured on a lot of Wrestlemania advertising material, but didn't get on the card. It will be interesting to see if he secures a Money In The Bank slot this year. Elevator: Down a floor.

CM Punk - For the second Pay-per-view in a row, CM Punk managed to insert some mic work into his match, as he continues to get over with the "Straight Edge" heel persona. After laying out Rey Mysterio two weeks in a row, Punk was eliminated by Rey in this match. All signs point to a Punk vs. Mysterio match at Wrestlemania, which would give Punk his first singles bout at a Wrestlemania after three years of working a Money In The Bank match. This could be a show stealer. Elevator: Up a floor.

Rey Mysterio - One of the most popular stars in the company, it seemed highly unlikely Rey was going to remain in the title hunt after losing to Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. It was more a question of what direction his character would go in now. Eliminating new rival CM Punk seems to put him on the path to a singles match at Wrestlemania, while being eliminated by John Morrison gave a bit of a rub to someone who looks to be ready to go to the next level. Elevator: On the same floor.

John Morrison - Pretty good night for Morrison, as he eliminated Rey Mysterio and got to hold his own with Chris Jericho and The Undertaker for a time before finally being pinned by the Undertaker after a nasty chokeslam onto the steel platform. Honestly, there is never any shame in losing to the Undertaker, so Morrison was probably the most protected star on the show when it comes to being eliminated. His Wrestlemania status seems murky at this point. It would seem he will get on the show, but will it be in Money In The Bank, or will WWE crank up the Morrison-Miz rivalry for an interbrand match? Elevator: Up a floor.

The Undertaker - There isn't a lot more that can be said about this man. He was literally burned by his pyrotechnic ring entrance, never broke character, got in his pod, and did his job. The final few minutes of the Elimination Chamber match between he and Chris Jericho were fantastic, and I hope we can see a singles match between them at some point before Undertaker goes on his usual post-Wrestlemania vacation (if he goes on one this year). Obviously, we now know his Wrestlemania plans, and given last year's bout, he and Shawn Michaels have a lot to live up to. Elevator: Up a floor.

Chris Jericho - Even though his title reign may not last more than six weeks, there has never been a more worthy World Champion based on his performances over the last year. From the feud with Rey Mysterio, to doing double duty on Raw and Smackdown, to putting over anyone the company wants (how many main eventers have done a clean job for JTG?), Jericho has been the best performer in the company. His work in the Elimination Chamber was no exception, and his reward is a main event match at Wrestlemania. And this time, he won't have to clean up after any dogs. Elevator: Up a floor.