Slaughterhouse - The Hip Hop Saviours

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Apr 4, 2015
Anyone on here has heard this and can tell me if these are real Slaughterhouse songs? Can’t find it anywhere to listen online.

Slaughterhouse - Motown
Slaughterhouse - The Beat Goes On
Slaughterhouse - A Big Deal
Slaughterhouse - D.o.a
Slaughterhouse - Gettin Money
Slaughterhouse Feat. Busta Rhymes - Demolition Mission
Slaughterhouse Feat. Young Chris - The Ratio
Slaughterhouse - We Are Us
Slaughterhouse - Old Skool Flows
Slaughterhouse Feat. Meedah - Ground Breaking Newz
Slaughterhouse - Losing Out
Slaughterhouse - Can't You Tell
Slaughterhouse Feat. Chamillionaire - Everything
Slaughterhouse - American Me
Slaughterhouse Feat. Colin Monroe - Monsters