Sick fucks

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Jul 4, 2008
This might all sound like a joke, but it's for real.

My friend works at a local truck stop. There is a restaurant, and there is a lot for the trucks to park and turn their trucks off, because they are not allowed to idle their trucks.

There is a company that operates in the parking lot called Idle Air.

Heat, air conditioning, and internet are all provided through these large tubes that stick inside the truck window.

My friend was in the air conditioned office, sitting on his ass when his manager was out in the lot.
One of the television/computer modules that was hanging in the lot had something frozen on the monitor...child porn.

The manager saw the image frozen on the screen, and he called the state police, who happen to be not 5 minutes down the road.

Apparently, some trucker who had his truck pulled up to that module had backed out, and connected himself to another module in another spot.

The state trooper opened the door to the truck, only to see some Canadian trucker...naked, jacking off to child porn.

They arrested the guy.

Word was that what the manager saw on the frozen module was an 11-year old boy being sodomized.
It was my friend's first day on the job.

Holy fuck.


Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
a large number of the crazy wierdo population are truckers. I've heard hella stories about truckers who were cho mos, rapists and serial killers
Jun 2, 2002
he'll get dealt with once he's locked up...the CO's will tell the other inmates what's up, and they'll handle it fasho...

maybe im ignorant, but i didn't think there was shit like that just "on" the internet...what do you go to i feel like it should be someone's job to regulate that shit, and get rid of it. how could u just go onto a public computer and google child porn?? he probably had it in his email or something...