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Jun 28, 2002
Tre-8's Birthday Bash (Inviting all record Execs, Artist, and .....
Check it out I'm throwing alittle Hotel party at the Embassy Suites for my Birthday Sept.28th 2002...(my B day is the 30th)

I'm inviting all Record Exe, Staff, Artists, who would like to attend and wish your boy a Happy B day...

Also may invite a lucky Siccness fan to the function!

Party is gonna be of the hook,(plenty of drink, cameras, hoes, pimps, playas, hustlas and thugs)

All on a mission to kick back and chill!

Anyways if your one of the above then hit me up and I'll plan for you to be there..

If your a fan hit me up with why you should be there and maybe you will...

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