Shlumpulicious - opinions?

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Feb 23, 2003
eight years after his first appereance on the classic "All Ove da Place" on the Instrumania Level A album, First Degree the D.E. finally dedicates a whole album on his most darkest of selfs, Shlumpilicious the Jester.

Forming an opinion on this was not easy, and it took some effort to really get into it. For those who think of D.E.'s albums as "weird", this is going to be D.E's weirdest album so far. For his fans this is a worthy addition to the wide variety of First Degree's catalogue and shows his unique approach on sac rap.

Favorite tracks for me are:

"Whatever You Like"
"So Southside"

"Morning Suck"
"Wine and Cheese"
"As Family"

Production on this album is flawless as usual with a D.E. release. Slow dark beats with Beta's piano skills on it - doesn't get much better! The difficulty with this album were the raps, though. Shlumpilucious being D.E.'s most dark, energetic, psychotic persona heavily affects his raps and flow. While if you manage to really get into the lyrics and flow patterns you get rewarded with classics like "Shlumpilucious", "Whatever You Like" and "So Southside", it's not easy and for some tracks it doesn't work for me (yet). Best example is "Damn that Duo", that features G-Macc and some nice references for long-time fans, but lacks rhythm and flow for me.

So it might not be my favorite D.E. album, but easily one of the best releases of the year! Gotta mention the ridiculous tight video to "Whatever They Like", the classic album cover and entertaining skits.

"As Family" is the outstanding song imo, that proves again D.E.'s habit of ending his releases with something special.
Jun 11, 2004
I haven't really had a chance to let the album marinate, but after a few quick listens I think this is perhaps his best solo since big black bat (my personal favorite). Bringing in rivers did give it a similar sound to Damn that DE, especially with de's voice, but the beats are still fresh sounding so its an interesting mix of old and new. There are some really tight jams and de packed a lot of lyrics on this one so its a lot to take in. I still need to smoke to this and bump it in the whip on the 12s the way its meant to be heard. But ya "family" immediatly stood out as one of my favorite tracks as well.
Feb 23, 2003
"Right and Wrong" is growing on me, still not gettin into "Damn that Duo" though.

There goin to be another video, DE? First was classic.
Dec 25, 2003
I copped the last copy off fye down here in Dago... imo I thought this is one of his better albums if not the best... A grip of bangers rite in this one with heavy doses of experimental mixtures that the average producer cannot touch... The dark grim abstract style is what reely made the de otherwise he'll be another trend follower... I kno we all kno every album he drops he experiments varieties of sounds nonetheless he still sticks with his same script as the way I listen to it & thats the main reason I love DE cuz to me hes one of the very few rappers who is way ahead of his time...... This album is givin me a fresh start of a better summer cuz it already got me heated as fuck!!! If I were to chose one particular favorite track off this album I would have to pick "As family" cuz that track got me vibin the most with a strong message I can relate to simulteously!!!!!!
This got me excited as fuck to introduce this to my music-lovin friends who are sooo missin out on reel feel good rap music particularly stuff like this that too different from the typical rap they overhear everyday so Im hopin with crossed fingers theyll feel this one along with his previous stuff especially PLANET ZERO!!!!!! Another album well done dropped my DE!!! U did an awesome job with this one so Imma stay promotin for u my dude... Have a great summer......