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May 16, 2002

If only I could find someway to try and breakaway/
I'd run away to every sunny day/
Trade in all my pain, so many rainy dayz/
That I ain't never looked for fame, jus a changed man/
And maybe when I find his name, it'd be the same man/
I am/
When I fall asleep, day walkin dreams/
Talk to me cuz I can't find no peace, lost in what I can't percieve/
Always jus, out of my reach for a star I can't see but I need and still believe in/
Jesus, can anyone lead me to freedom/
It's now 23 seasons that I've been bleedin and seekin/
For lil bits a truth in a sea of lies/
Free am I, only when I ryhme and they don't see me cry/
But I can't live my life, trapped in enslavement/
I'm agin, with everyday, breedin my hatred/
Oh what a crazy situation I'm placed in/
A gentle heart scarred, so no evil penetrate this/
Warrior, storybook read in the flesh/
Glory to the man who bows his head and who don't forget/
There's somethin greater than all this/
Although I am not faultless, forgive me creator and make me flawless/
It ain't that often, I hear you speak, few and far between/
The timez I stumble to my knees, tho it humbles me/
A bumblebee sting and give his life to protect his hive/
Queen bee flies and birth a child smile and stay alive.../

-Ender Fury